Eden Bakes - News - Mother's day weekend madness - Spring Menu

by Gareth Smith

What a weekend! First of all we want to thank you guys for letting us help with your Mother's Day deliveries, it was a complete wall to wall, four day weekend where we couldn't fit in another single order if we tried! With only a couple of hours sleep between the both of us and four days of baking hard and long delivery days around Edenbridge, Kent and the various surrounding areas, we made it through!

We truly want to thank you for letting us help in bringing joy to you and your friends and family, it's was our most busiest week ever with squillions of deliveries, you guys kept us so so busy with website and Facebook orders, again with very little sleep over the weekend but it was worth it to see the joy on your loved ones faces! 😊

👊 As always we like to give a huge thanks to those who take advantage of our delivery services to send lovely sweet & savoury treats from our website, mainly Afternoon Cream Tea and Breakfast/Brunch box deliveries to cheer up your friends and family in these strange times!

As a BIG thank you to everyone we provided a discount code for our website, there will be more of these on offer so not to worry if you're reading this late.

If you haven't ordered yet, keep an eye on Facebook then place your first order and do let us know what you think on the social networks once you have.

We love to hear back from you and see your pictures. We'll also be sending out discounts codes to those registered straight into your email inbox in the next couple of weeks also.

With Spring & Easter coming, that means our Spring Menu is almost ready to be released! We like to keep the contents of our new menus close to our chest until released but rest assured we have lots of good stuff coming up for you guys and we cant wait to show you more of what we have to come!

We've also got a new stand-alone product in development, which we're really excited about, we've had some expert advice and guidance and we've spent months in new product development and taste testing, we cant wait for you to try! 🐷 So keep your eyes open for that.

We thrive on helping make you and your loved ones happy! 👊

As always we love you guys ❤️