Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Who Cares?

by Gareth Smith

Spring has sprung, the sun is beginning to shine more and the clocks have taken back an hour of our sleep!

That can only mean one thing, yes, surely!

The clock in my car is right again?


It's almost picnic time!

Well, it's been another nice and busy week, just how we like it!

Lots of deliveries as usual with you guys keeping us busy with website and Facebook orders of Breakfast/Brunch Boxes, Afternoon Cream Teas and Sweet Waffle Boxes flying out of the kitchen especially with picnics in mind.

More and more of you guys have been letting us know what you've got planned when we're unleashed from the shackles of our sofas and a common theme runs throughout most of our messages, so if you haven't found a nice piece of grass to sit on near you, you better do so fast as it seems everyone is thinking along the same lines!

"We cant wait to go for our first picnic!"

"My friend arranged the Breakfast & Brunch box as a surprise and it made my day. Yum! Have previously ordered the afternoon tea box and savoury box. Highly recommend as a nice treat"

Eat yours whenever you like..

So, what do you think about yours Hannah?

Our Breakfast/Brunch box offers real value and a fantastic tasting combination of sweet and savoury nibbles perfect for picnics, parties and snacking.

Don't wait any longer to go for your first picnic of 2021!